CurveSYS™ Sensors: Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Flexible, Uniquely Innovative Step into a world where the extraordinary becomes the standard with CurveSYS™ sensors. Crafted to defy the limits of technology, each sensor is a marvel of engineering: ultra-thin, supremely flexible, and exquisitely bendable. But that's just the beginning. These sensors are not only pressure-sensitive but also ingeniously heatable, offering a spectrum of capabilities in a single, sleek design. CurveSYS™ is more than a product; it's a paradigm shift. Our sensors are designed to anticipate and surpass the evolving design and functional demands of diverse industries across the globe. From automotive to wearables, from healthcare to smart homes, CurveSYS™ is setting new benchmarks, one industry at a time. Our position in the international high-tech sensor market isn't just unique; it's unparalleled. With CurveSYS™, we're not just meeting expectations; we're reshaping them. We're not just following trends; we're creating them.


Data Driven Decisions:

CurveSYS Hand Detection 2024
Curvesys Smart Defense Helmet December 2024

One of our core strengths of our technology lies in its ability to detect falls, injuries, and potential attacks. In moments where every second counts, CurveSYS sensors act as a crucial line of defense, immediately alerting command centers to potential dangers and the need for assistance..

CurveSYS Logistics December 2023

Meet the highest standards of innovation

Ensuring Curvesys sensors meet the highest standards of innovation. Closing large gaps through our diverse strategy by using worldwide patents underline the innovative level and quality.

Global markets can thus effectively use CurveSYS™ sensors, solving huge time and cost issues.

CurveSYS Layout Portfolio 2022