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Thin. Flexible. Elastic. Stretchable. Robust.

Our mission




Unleash the Power of Flexibility with CurveSYS™: Where Innovation Meets smart Elasticity

Dive into the future with CurveSYS™ sensors, ingeniously crafted on pliable materials designed for the dynamic contours of 3-dimensional surfaces. These state-of-the-art sensors embody the pinnacle of durability and flexibility, standing resilient against the most challenging environmental elements.


Our devices boast an incredibly low power footprint, yet deliver performance that defies the conventional. They are not just durable; they are engineered to endure, bringing a new level of reliability to your operations.

With CurveSYS™, we don’t just occupy space; we activate it. Every touch, every interaction becomes a part of a larger network of information.



CurveSYS Portfolio November 2023


Revolutionize Data Collection with CurveSYS™: Lightweight Innovation, Limitless Possibilities

Transform everyday objects into epicenters of smart data with the pioneering CurveSYS™ sensors, where innovation weighs almost nothing yet means everything. Each sensor, a mere few grams in heft, becomes a powerhouse of intelligence, effortlessly turning any object into a passive but potent data hub.

Imagine the possibilities as CurveSYS™ integrates seamlessly into the fabric of your world – be it the sturdy surface of a helmet, the dynamic curve of a steering wheel rim, or the sleek exterior of a logistik pallet. These aren’t just objects anymore; they are smart, data-collecting extensions of your environment.

 We’re not just gathering data; we’re weaving a tapestry of touch, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary streams of connected intelligence.


CurveSYS Sensors Office 2024

About us

Introducing the Pioneers Behind CurveSYS™: Shaping the Future with Multidisciplinary Mastery

At the heart of CurveSYS™, a consortium of visionary minds converges, each a maestro in their respective fields. Our team, a kaleidoscope of expertise from diverse industries, is united by a singular ambition: to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with our groundbreaking curved system sensors.

We don’t just provide sensors; we craft bespoke solutions that resonate globally. Our mission extends far beyond conventional boundaries, reaching customers and service providers across the world. In every CurveSYS™ sensor, there’s a story of unparalleled expertise, relentless innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

Our team is more than a collection of experts; we are the architects of tomorrow’s technology.


Discover how CurveSYS™ is transforming the landscape of global security.

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Revolutionizing Safety and Efficiency with CurveSYS™ Uniform Sensors

Empowering Global Security Forces with Cutting-Edge Technology

In a world where the safety and efficiency of law enforcement and military personnel are of utmost importance, CurveSYS is proud to introduce our revolutionary Uniform Sensors – a breakthrough in protective and responsive technology.


Unprecedented Situational Awareness: 

Our CurveSYS Uniform Sensors are designed to seamlessly integrate into the uniforms of officers and military personnel. These advanced sensors provide real-time monitoring of physiological and injury-related parameters, offering an unprecedented level of situational awareness.

Global Positioning for Enhanced Coordination: 

Beyond safety, our sensors are equipped with state-of-the-art location tracking capabilities. This ensures that units can be effectively protected and located, enhancing coordination and response times in critical situations.


Advantage through Versatility

CurveSYS Helmet Sensors 2023

CurveSYS™ sensors embedded in helmets bring a new level of safety and situational awareness to law enforcement. These innovative sensors monitor environmental conditions and vital signs, providing officers with real-time data crucial for decision-making in high-stress scenarios. With CurveSYS technology in their helmets, officers are better equipped to respond effectively while maintaining their own safety

Smart Police Protction Suit 2023

CurveSYS™ sensors, integrated into police uniforms, enhance officer safety and operational efficiency. These advanced sensors provide real-time monitoring of vital signs and environmental conditions, ensuring officers are constantly aware of their physical state and surroundings. This technology is crucial for high-stress situations where quick response and situational awareness are paramount. With CurveSYS, law enforcement officers are equipped not just with tools for their duty, but with technology that safeguards their well-being, allowing them to serve and protect with greater confidence and security.

CurveSYS™ sensors, seamlessly integrated into protective vests, offer a significant advancement in officer safety. These state-of-the-art sensors provide real-time monitoring of vital signs and environmental threats, ensuring officers are constantly protected and aware during critical situations. CurveSYS technology in protective vests represents a vital tool in enhancing the safety and operational capability of law enforcement personnel

CurveSYS Sensors in Vest 2023


Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management with CurveSYS™ Palette Sensors.

In a world where efficiency, security, and accuracy are paramount, CurveSYS Palette Sensors emerge as a groundbreaking solution, transforming the landscape of supply chain management. Our innovative sensors are designed to seamlessly integrate with your logistics operations, providing real-time insights and unparalleled control over your cargo.

CurveSYS Logistics December 2023

“Smart sensors add intelligence to our applications. But more importantly, they add hours to our lives.”


"Life confronted me with a tragic reality"


My father has been a victim of an accident caused by a microsleep.

Taken to the hospital by helicopter, he underwent emergency surgery for 8 hours. My entire life moving forward has changed due to an incidental moment lasting only 7 seconds.

The nightmares I then experienced transformed into a productive vision, which lead to the creation of flexible sensors. It´s first application being the detection of micro sleep and leading to




Systems, machines, their surfaces and applications are also changing fast. That’s why CurveSYS™ flexible sensors have been developed to the level of art & superior quality in mass production.

CurveSYS Portfolio November 2023

About the Highlights

Innovative Highlights:

  • Injury and Attack Detection: By continuously monitoring vital signs and movement patterns, our sensors can instantly detect and report injuries or attacks, facilitating rapid response and potentially life-saving intervention.
  • Environmental Adaptability: CurveSYS sensors are designed to withstand and operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any situation.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The data collected by our sensors provide valuable insights into the health and safety trends of units, enabling informed decision-making and strategy development for higher-ups.

Flexibility Packaging

Our sensors have earned a unique position in the international high-tech sensor market and CurveSYS  holds  several international patents. Thus, diverse applications can be served through flexibility.

Micro Dots™ Resolution.


Based on the sensor technology we have developed turn-key capabilities system sensors. The special feature is the „Micro Spacer“ principle, which enables longterm functionality.

Product design


Our flexibility enables designers to express themselves and move around the global world in a variety of ways, making data available more effectively and efficiently.

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